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2017 marked the 10 Year Anniversary of Charna’s Kids Club! We could not be more proud and grateful to all those who have made Charna’s dream possible. Because of your commitment and support, the Charna Radbell Foundation has been able to help thousands of patients and their entire families throughout the world.

Charna’s Kids Club, fully sponsored by the Charna Radbell Foundation, has become an award-winning sibling support program. Our mission is to help the well siblings of pediatric patients. “Charna’s” provides a therapeutic and recreational environment for children who are struggling with the challenges of their sibling’s devastating illness.

In fulfilling this mission, we help these special children to better understand their sur- roundings, express their feelings, meet peers in similar circumstances, and reduce the stress associated with the hospitalization of a sibling. “Charna’s” has become their respite, a place in which they feel safe, valued, and loved.

Since its establishment in 2007, Charna’s Kids Club and its staff have continued to be honored with accolades, and the program has become the gold standard for Child Life sibling support programs. Additionally, the impact of Charna’s Kids Club has continued to grow over the years, immeasurably. In fact, it has become an integral part of each hospital's mission of Family Centered Care, acknowledging that when a child is sick the whole family suffers.