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Remembering Charna Radbell

honoring her legacy

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Charna Radbell was a vibrant and wonderful young woman who, in the prime of her life, lost her courageous battle with colon cancer. Understanding and recognizing the challenges of fighting a life threatening disease, Charna was always very concerned with the welfare of others. It was her vision to help many people of various ages, races, and economic backgrounds. Even in her final days, it became her mission to bring sunshine into the lives of children suffering with serious illnesses, especially the well siblings of a patient who would feel “forgotten” during such difficult times.

Charna recognized the value of such support which included the well being of the entire family. Before she passed, Charna established the Charna Radbell Foundation to spread hope and sunshine to all those who would come to Charna’s Kids Club. Today, Charna would be so proud that her niece, Morgan Rabin, and her godchildren, Julia, Kristen, and Pamela Ornorato, are honoring her legacy with their commitment to the foundation’s mission. Their participation, along with the generosity of others, continues to help thousands of families each year.

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The impact of Charna’s Kids Club has far exceeded our expectations, and we have been humbled by this journey and the families which we serve. The Almonte family, in particular, has graciously shared with us their own experience with Charna’s Kids Club. Sebastian Almonte, a school age sibling of a young inpatient, has frequently participated in events and programs at “The Club” since 2008. He believes that “the extra attention, love, and special care for his feelings, and how they help families feel comfortable” has given him the ability to support his sister, Itxell, every step of the way throughout the years.

With hearts full of love and smiles on their faces, the Almonte family touches the lives of every person they meet at the hospital. Giselle and Bolivar Almonte, Sebastian’s parents, are active members of the hospital’s very first Family Advisory Council for the spanish speaking community. In their own time of need, they continue to give back to other families who need support. We believe this amazing family has become the real life “Super Heroes” which Sebastian likes to draw while coping with his feelings. They are the perfect incarnation of the foundation’s mission. What a wonderful way to honor Charna Radbell and her legacy.